The Company

The SMARTEC was founded in 2008 as a consulting firm, design and implementation of advanced electronic systems for the diagnosis of diesel injection systems and electronic control units to control motors. The long-standing experience of our engineers and technicians, gained in automotive, industrial automation and embedded electronic systems has allowed us to consolidate partnerships with leading companies in the field of equipment for diesel workshops on an international scale. In a short time, the company's activities also included the design, the industrialization and the construction of the plant and mechanical systems parts, providing a turnkey service for equipment even of considerable complexity. The strong professional motivation of our staff, combined with the confidence amply rewarded that our customers have given us has enabled us to develop projects with high technological content, with technical solutions compatible with the economic reality in which we are operating. Since 2011, we are associated with the technology hub Technopark of Maggiore Lake SpA and collaborate with research centres on innovative projects in the energy sector. Being sensitive to environmental and energy issues, for years we devote resources to the development and production of products intended directly or indirectly to the production of energy from renewable sources. We have invested in particular in the development of equipment for the production of pellets, providing a full range of our Pellet Mills and feeding systems of biomass particularly efficient. Our machines are designed and manufactured entirely in Italy. Our range of products allows us to serve private customers and companies intending to use their processing scraps to produce pellets. For all our products, we have an extensive store of spare parts, which allows us to act quickly on any faults or provide spare parts to buyers.